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Today is another Japanese candy subscription box review. The spotlight today goes to OKASHI CONNECTION!

What is Okashi Connection?

Okashi Connection is a premium Japanese candy and snack subscription box. They strive to send treats that can only be found in Japan or would be hard for the average person to find outside of Japan. They focus on seasonal and tasty foods; no weird eel flavored or ‘filler’ snacks here.

Why should you choose Okashi Connection?
  • Their commitment to customer service
  • Spends more of your money on candy than any other subscription does
  • Charges you less but give you the same amount! 
  • Getting you the most/highest quality product is their goal. Plain and Simple. 
  • No ulterior motives or grand plans or schemes; it’s only right that when you buy a product, you get product and not filler.
  • Committed to giving you more, authentic Japanese candy & snacks.
  • Cancel Anytime

How does Okashi Connection work?

1. Subscribe!
Start your Japanese candy and snack subscription by clicking the “Subscribe” Button on their website and completing the form.

2. Get your boxes!
Boxes are shipped monthly from Tokyo to your door! Boxes usually arrive in the middle to end of the month. While you wait, check them out on your favorite social media! Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/Instagram

3. Eat & Learn!

Okashi Connection isn’t just a Japanese candy and snack subscription service! You can learn about the sweets and Japanese culture on their BLOG with the other members, too!

How much candy is in each box?

Ninja box: 5-7 items @ $14/Months
Samurai Box: 9-13 items @ $22/Months
Sumo Box: 14-18 items @ $33/Months

More importantly than an exact number, Okashi Connection aims for a box weight goal rather than a specific number of pieces. They try to aim for about 370-470 grams (up to 1 pound) for the Ninja Box, 600-700 grams (up to 1.5 pounds) for the Samurai Box, and 950-1100 grams (up to 2.5 pounds) for the Sumo Box!

If the candy and snacks of the month come in bigger or heavier sizes, then it’s going to be at the lower end of the number of items, but you’ll still get the same weight of awesomeness.

You can get a good idea of what you’ll be getting by checking out the Examples page.

I'll be reviewing the Samurai Spring Box #2 by OKASHI CONNECTION

Samurai Box: Spring #2
$16 SALE 

Pack size: Samurai Box

Package Contents:
- A5 Information Sheet
- 11 Snacks/Candies 



Juu-c Colorful Ramune
- Powdery ramune with a crunch
- Tart fruit soda flavour: 
Blue: Cider, Yellow: Pineapple Soda, Green: Melon Soda & Purple: Grape Soda

Ramune flavoured candy. Very powdery and when bitten, it breaks instantly and becomes a powder sherbet-like consistency. I rather suck on the candy and let the powder slowly loosen, instead of biting it and getting an overload of powder.

Pototto Plus
- Herb & Salt taste with Olive Oil
-Open lid about halfway; Pour olive oil packet; Close lid & shake; Open & Enjoy!

The chip alone without the olive oil pack had a sweet/salty taste which was yummy. The directions were very simple, add the olive oil packet, shake & enjoy. After, adding the oil the chip had a very strong olive oil taste and an oily feeling. I prefer eating the chips alone or with only a few drips of olive oil packet.

Peroty Hello Kitty Choco Pops
- Flavoured chocolate pops
Yellow: Banana & Chocolate
Pink: Strawberry & Chocolate


Chocolate with Strawberry/Banana flavoured pop, in a Hello Kitty design. This was so yummy and enjoyable. All the flavours went well together and the flavoured oil (Strawberry/Banana) in the chocolate wasn't overpowering at all.

Shuwabo Change Cola & Shuwabo Grape
- Mash up of lemon/orange, makes cola? & Grape Flavour
- Very sour center
- Might want to let them warm up a bit before eating, or may be tough to bite

Very VERY sour center! I actually did the extreme sour duck face (Haha). It was very hard to bite until I read the instructions and warmed it up a bit with my hands. The candy became a lot softer, after the warm up. This would definitely be nice to chew on while watching a movie or tv. Cola-ish flavour was quite nice. The grape flavour went well with the sourness. I had to take a break after each bite because it was too sour for me but I kept going back for more. Very enjoyable.

Pine-ame Gummi
- Pineapple flavoured gummi
- Not too hard, not to soft
- Light flavour

For me, this had a sour pineapple taste but my sisters thought otherwise. It was chewy but wasn't too hard or soft. Very flavourful and fun to eat. Also had a very sweet pineapple smell.

Pop Zack
- Wheat puffs soaked in butterscotch and chocolate 
- Crisp texture

WOW! This was my favorite out of all the snacks because it was so delicious and had a very lovely crispy yet soft texture. I enjoy every single one of them. It tastes like a blend of chocolate and caramel. I would definitely eat this every day if they sold this product in Australia!

Saku-Saku Panda
- Rich chocolate with biscuit on the back
- Cute panda design
- Special box with 20% more volume!

Chocolate coated biscuit in an adorable panda design. This was a nice treat to eat when out and about. Perfect consistency of chocolate and biscuit.

Kirby Maze-Maze Gum
Red: Apple, Orange: Orange, Blue: Soda, Yellow: Yogurt & Grey: Trick Gum

Flavour Mixes:
Orange + Apple = Iyokan (Japanese Mandarin)
Orange + Soda = Lemon Squash
Apple + Soda = Champagne
Soda + Yogurt = Cream Soda
Orange + Apple + Soda = Cola
Yogurt + Orange + Apple = Milk Apple Tea

* Trick gum will erase all flavours! 

This may look like an ordinary gum packet but it isn't. Each gum colour tastes delicious and the fun part was mixing them together to make new and tasty flavours! The trick gum does erase all flavour and I thought that was unique and cool.

Oekaki Gummi Land
- Colorful DIY for making your own gummi!
- Directions: Here

I've done this kit a lot of time and every time I do this kit, I love it. It's so fun to do and literally, you can let your dreams run wild. I also love how each coloured water is a flavour that can be mixed together to make another colour and flavour. Very unique and easy to follow instructions. The best part is anyone can do it. It tastes like a powdery gummy but the flavours were quite nice.

Pachi Pachi Panic
- Pop rocks and ramune mix!
- Pop rocks are strawberry flavoured
- Ramune is milk flavoured

 This was a blend of sweet and milky candy. The pop rocks did taste like strawberry and the Ramune did taste like milk. The Ramune (white circles) was very overpowering and when eaten together with the pop rocks, it just tasted like milk candy but I didn't really mind. YUM =P

- Very flavourful snacks & candies
- New flavour and release products
- Brands I haven't heard of before
- The pamphlet is very informative
- The variety of product textures. (Crunchy, Chewy, Soft, Powdery)
- Affordable (Plus Free Shipping)


So far, I don't see any cons for this subscription box!

I personally think that this subscription box focuses more on flavours and texture variety, which is a really good thing because most boxes just choose any good looking candy or popular ones, yet this box chooses not only new releases but new flavours as well.  If you want to experience Japanese Candy flavours at your doorstep then this is the box for you. Recommended for all ages! :)

  STARS: 5/5

Order your Box now @OkashiConnection


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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