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It's finally the school holiday here in Australia! I'm super excited to sleep in every day and start being more active on social media. Today, I'll be doing a review on another Japanese Candy Subscription services. I've reviewed a lot of different Japanese Snacks & Candies subscription service before and was not once disappointed! So here's, yet again another Japanese snacks/candies subscription service. The spotlight today goes to.... 'MARIMO MASRSHMALLOW'!

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What is Marimo Marshmallow?
Marimo Marshmallow is an online store that sells Japanese DIY candy kits, snacks, accessories and stationary from your favorite Japanese characters (e.g: Gudetama) which all imported directly from Japan. Marimo Marshmallow not only just sells adorable Japanese products but they also have their own Japanese candies/snacks subscription service called 'Marimo Club'.

What is Marimo Club?
'A monthly box for lovers of DIY candy kits. Where you can try all those crazy Japanese candies you've seen online.' With 3 different box sizes to pick from and prices starting from as low as $11.99/month, this is a must try. Simply pick a plan, wait for your box to get packed & ENJOY!

Even the smallest subscription box contains at least one of the popular DIY candy kits. The medium box contains at least two DIY candy kits and the large box contains three or more.

- Start getting your loot today! -
Your order will be shipped on the first day of the month after you start your subscription. MM always handpick the best candies each month and you are ALWAYS guaranteed to get some cool DIY candy kits.

- Skip months and cancel anytime! -
Say you're going on vacation next month and don't want your monthly box just sitting on your doorstep. No problem! You can skip delivery on specific months and won't need to pay. FREE CANCELATION!

I'll be reviewing Marimo Candy Club (Premium Pack) from Marimo Marshmallow.

Marimo Candy Club (Premium Pack)
$29.99 USD

Amazingly fun and tasty Japanese candies at wonderfully discounted prices delivered to you every month!

On the first of every month, they will select between eight to ten of their best selling candies and package them for delivery direct to your doorstep!

Monthly subscription plans are much cheaper than purchasing the same items individually and shipping is free!

Pack size: Premium Box

Package Contents:
- A5 Information Sheet with links to tutorials
- 10 Snacks/Candies 



Happy Kitchen Candy Donuts
'As good as the real thing and much more fun to make and eat, this miniature candy donut kit comes with everything you need to make at least half a dozen 'donuts' in two different flavors with a variety of frostings and toppings. You mix and match your favorite flavors, frostings and toppings to create candy donut perfection! Even if your Japanese is a bit rusty, the easy to understand pictorial instructions will guide you through the entire process. Happy baking!'

Kit Includes:
- Plastic mixing tray - Chocolate flavored donut powder - Custard flavored donut powder - Strawberry frosting - Vanilla frosting - Chocolate frosting - Mixing spoon - Pastry bag - Sprinkles
- Crunch topping - Easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

This was such a fun DIY kit to make. I remember watching the youtube video of this kit and feeling absolutely blown away at how mixing a powder satchel with water, can create mini edible donuts! Definitely kid friendly and a lot of fun to make and eat.

'Pandaro can be happy, sleepy, perplexed, angry or just plain crazy, but his mood won't make his cute little cookie face any less delicious! These crunchy Pandaro brand butter cookies are about as tasty as he is cute. If you buy a bunch of these sweet treats, you'll have something to snack on that matches any of your varied moods.'

Package Includes:
One individual wrapped butter cookie (7g of tasty treat)

Simply a medium-sized butter biscuit, that's nice to eat on the go or to fulfill your snack craving. Tastes similar to the Arnotts classic biscuit here in Australia.

'In addition to the contents of tasty gum in four different flavors, you'll find three collectible Sumikko Gurashi sticker sheets inside each of these adorable boxes. There are four different collectible package designs and 40 different sticker sheets in all.'

Box Includes:
- Eight pieces of chewing gum (apple, peach, grape and banana)
- Three collectible sticker sheets (40 sheets in all)

Absolutely adorable! I love Sumikko Gurashi because of how every character is a lovely pastel color. The chewing gums were little ball shapes, 1 pack tasted like grape and the other pack tasted like apple.

'The ‘ice-cream’ cone that never melts - this cookie filled cone is ideal for cookie lovers and slow eaters alike. Strawberry Caplico has a sweet strawberry outer cookie with a surprise chocolate core. It is sure to gratify every tastebud.'

Package Includes:
- Individually wrapped chocolate cookie in a cone
- Net weight: 34g

Very delicious! Took me quite some time to finish. The chocolate had a very creamy/milky taste, while the cone had a plain vanilla taste. Very enjoyable to eat.

'These chocolate treats have the perfect balance of creamy chocolate and malted puffs that come together to create a creamy and crunchy snack.'

Package Includes:

16 grams of crispy chocolate bites

The perfect creaminess to crunchiness chocolate bites. Tastes similar to Maltesers Chocolate here in Australia. Again, very enjoyable.

'Kansai Dashi & Soy Sauce flavored snacking sensation from Calbee! Dashi is a soup stock made with various types of fish and seaweed. This might not sound terribly appetizing at a glance, but these limited edition chips are AMAZING! Not too salty, and with the perfect balance of potato and the subtle tastes of the soy sauce and dashi.'

Bag Includes:
- Kansai dashi (soup stock) and soy sauce flavored potato chips (58g of snacking bliss)

I didn't read any description about this chip when I first ate it but, seriously this chip was delicious. Tasted a lot like Japanese Dashi, which I've used quite a lot before when cooking (e.g: Takoyaki). Very delicious and unique chip. After reading the description, it was Dashi & soy sauce flavored but, I didn't taste any soy sauce though. 

'Limited edition Candemina 'Chikarawaza' sour gummies. The sweet taste of the fruit punch gummies will lull your tastebuds into a sense of calm and the sour powder coating will then kick them into overdrive!'

Package Includes:
Sweet fruit punch flavored gummies with a sour coating (40g of tasty treats)

A mix of sour and fruity flavoring, with a very hard chewy texture. I liked the chew of the candy even though it felt like my teeth were going to break (haha). Enjoyable snack for on the go or can be a substitute for chewing gum in the morning. 

'These butter toast flavored Harvest biscuits perfectly capture the taste and texture of biting into a crispy piece of sweet gold brown buttered toast. With every bite, you can almost taste the warm butter dripping down your cheek.'

Bag Includes:
- Eight individual wrapped butter toast biscuits (100g of snacking perfection)

This was down to earth the best biscuit, I've ever had! It was so delicious, with the perfect amount of butter/toast taste. Very thin disk-shaped biscuit that goes absolutely well with coffee and tea!

''Neruneru' is the Japanese word used to describe things that are viscous and sticky and this candy really lives up to its name! In addition to the color changing sticky candy, a separate package of candy for dipping is included. Just add water and mix away!'

Kit Includes:
- Plastic mixing tray - Plastic measuring cup - Spoon - Sticky candy powder - Color changing powder
- Candy dipping packet - Easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

This was an easy, fun and simple DIY kit to complete. If you're a beginner or new to DIY kits then this would be the perfect product for you. Definitely fun to see the color changing and tasting the unique grape flavor. 

'One of the more unique candy kits out there, this Christmas tree looking plastic frame 'grows' small balls of flavored gummy candy on the tips of each of the branches. To finish it off, sprinkle on some of the colored sugar sprinkles and your very own gummy tree is complete!'

Kit Includes:
Plastic tray for mixing and dipping - Plastic tree frame (assemble yourself) - Tree stand
- Gummy liquid powder - Gummy powder - Colored decorative sprinkles
- Easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)

This DIY kit was so fun to make. You are making a Candy Tree! How unique and extraordinary does that sound? Plus it actually works! I enjoy every minute of this kit and the taste was delicious! I was recording this kits but my camera died half way through and I didn't realized, resulting in me missing all my films =[!

- A lot of DIY CANDY
- Free Cancelation
- Video instructions on their website
- All the product can be repurchased on their website
- Affordable


Out of all the Japanese Candies/Snacks subscription boxes I have reviewed, this would probably be the most fun. They include a wide variety of DIY kits and every box type is guaranteed to have one. I absolutely enjoy making all the DIY in this box and trying all their tasty treats. The box is also kid friendly and since it's the holiday, it would be a great time to purchase this subscription service.

  STARS: 5/5

Order your Box now @MarimoMarshmallow


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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