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Do you love Japanese snacks and candies like me? And want to receive a HUGE box each month, filled with around 20 different type of authentic Japanese sweets? Well... look no further because BOX FROM JAPAN can deliver the goods on time each month!

Box From Japan is owned and operated by Javier Kobayashi. Starting from the beginning, BFJ wanted to provide the public of Spanish speakers, the unique and different type of Japanese products that were difficult and even impossible to find and purchase. As time passed, BFJ started to offer their services to many other non-Spanish speaking countries, such as the USA. Therefore, there website languages can be change between English and Spanish. 

What is Box From Japan?

Box from Japan's title explains exactly what they are offering. A monthly subscription Box from Japan! Choose from either Candy or Ramen (Noodle). Every single box is handled in Kansai area, Japan. 

Subscription Choices:

CANDYCandy Subscription Club Box $33 USD
  • The greatest of all boxes (around 20 types of sweets)
  • 1 "SPECIAL" DIY set included
  • FREE SHIPPING (worldwide)
  • Cancel any-time / no cost!

RAMEN4 Bowls Japanese Ramen $25 USD
  • 4 bowls of premium Ramen.
  • 4 set of chopsticks. (Ohashi)
  • FREE SHIPPING (worldwide)
  • Cancel any-time / no cost! 
  • The only ones on the web offering Japanese Ramen.

How does it work?
  1. Subscribe: Choose your box (Candy/Ramen)
  2. Pack: BFJ packs your boxes, with delivery at no cost.
  3. Receive: Enjoy your box! (Around 20 items per box! or 4 bowls of Ramen!)
I received the May 2016 Candy Box! Keep reading for my review! x

Candy Box (May 2016)
$33 USD

Pack size: Original (Ramen Pack also available)

Package Contents:
- Emailed Content List (Name/Description)
- 19 Snacks/Candies 



Pocky Milk 
'A Pocky with milk cream on it. A mild and pleasant sweetness. Without artificial colouring or spices.'
Thoughts: Milk flavored Pocky! This is also available in Australia Asian grocery. I had this quite a lot of times before and loved it every time. Very milky taste, followed by the signature Pocky stick. 

 Karabi-Atsugiri Hotchill Taste
Potato chips with the best balance between sweet and salty flavour.'
Thoughts: This chip was a little bit spicy with a unique taste. I'm not 100% sure how to describe the flavouring but, it is somewhere between Honey Soy Chicken to BBQ flavouring.

Ichigo Tsumi 
'Strawberry-shaped chocolates on a stick. A sticker with a cute character helps children learn an English word.'
Thoughts: Strawberry Chocolate Pop. Very rich chocolate taste combined with a very strong strawberry taste. Absolutely delicious!

Packncho Choco
'These bite-sized sweets have the fragrance and flavour of chocolate mixed together with the aroma of biscuits, and a cute Disney character design'
Thoughts: Chocolate biscuit. This was a simple and adorable snack. The chocolate was perfectly flavoured and went well with the biscuit.

 Yoiko Waruiko
'Wrapping paper with cute designs of good children and bad children. Inside it is filled with pretty little candies, small like marbles. (They can be one of these flavours: cola / grape juice / cider / green apples)
Thoughts: Green Apple Flavoured Marble Candy. Tastes like sour apple, with a chewy texture. Cute animation on the packaging.

Ramune Budou
'Hue Ramune with a grape flavour. When you blow through it like a whistle, it emits a melodic sound. They also come with a cute toy in a package.'
Thoughts: Grape Flavoured Whistle Candy. Simply blow through the hole in the middle to emit a whistle sound. Personally, it sounds more like a squeak than a whistle. The candy was very powdery and had only a light grape flavouring.

Umaibo Sarami 
'That flavour which is so representative of the drinking snacks you see at bars. A sprinkle of parsley gives them a nice touch, and their fragrant taste is also great. They faithfully reproduce the flavour of smoked salami.'
Thoughts: Salami flavoured Umaibo. I had this one recently from another box and to simply put it, the product tastes exactly like deli salami here in Australia.

MiniMini Heart Choco Ichigo
'Cute little heart-shaped pink chocolates. With a strawberry flavour.'
Thoughts: YUM! This is probably one of the best strawberry flavoured chocolate, I have ever had! It was milky, had a strong strawberry flavour and melted in the mouth!

Rilakkuma Pretzel 
'Honey and butter pretzels with the beloved character "Rilakkuma" on them, popular amongst children and adults. You can enjoy their sweet honey taste and the consistency of the butter.'
Thoughts: Supposedly a honey and butter flavouring Pocky pretzel but tasted more like vanilla. Delicious biscuit to munch on throughout the day. Very cute Rilakumma packaging!

Petit Kongari Pizza
'Crunchy rice cookie dough which melts in your mouth, but this time it has been cooked in a pizza flavour, with a thick layer of cream cheese on top. A pizza- flavoured rice cookie. Its tomato sauce has a refreshing sourness to it which stimulates one's appetite.'
Thoughts: I've seen Petit Products around before but, usually only in the sweet biscuit range not savory. This was yummy to munch on and tasted similar to pizza shapes, here in Australia. 

Kikansya Thomas Gumi 
'Thomas the Tank Engine, a popular cartoon amongst children. Gummi candy in the shape of 4 different characters. Thomas, Hiro, Percy and James! The most popular flavour is grape. The transparent paper is made of wafer and is edible.'
Thoughts: Thomas the Tank Engine, grape flavoured candy! This candy have a transparent paper at the back that is edible! This was my least favorite candy/snack in this month's box. It tasted a lot more like rose flavoured gummy, which I wasn't a fan of.

Monster Stamp Cola 
'A mysterious candy which becomes a stamp when you lick it. After you've player with the stamp, you can just eat it whole. It comes in a cola flavour.'
Thoughts: O-M-G! This is the first time, I have ever experience any candy like this. Unique Unique Unique! I can keep repeating that word because this candy is amazing! It is an edible candy and a stamp! Simply lick the candy and stamp away! When you're finish... eat it! Delicious COLA flavoured!  (Recommended)

Big Bar Z
'A tasty choco-snack, with the snack portion completely filled with chocolate. Its crunchy texture and satisfying chocolate taste are delicious.'
Thoughts: Really delicious soft chocolate biscuit! I really enjoy eating this snack. I would definitely buy this if it was available here!

DIY Odango Yasan
'A product with which you can make your own hand-made, traditional Japanese sweets. There are 5 varieties, like gold shot jellies, or mini rice our dumpling with syrup-covered bean jam. Roll the paste, knead it, and model it into your very own delicious Japanese sweets!'
Thoughts: This was absolutely fun to make. I had to Youtube the instructions because I couldn't read the back! This was a nice product and I loved how the kit introduces Japanese sweets. Some item tastes sweet (strawberry), while other tastes savoury (salty).

Pillow Fruit Ramune 
'Ramune which comes in a fruit-shaped vessel. It comes in 3 shapes: muscat, strawberry, and grape. It's fun to wonder which one will you get!'
Thoughts: Circle tablet shaped, ramune (Japanese soda) flavoured powder candy. This was a sweet and 'melt in your mouth; kind of candy!

Tabekko Atsuyaki Choco Bisuketto
'Puffy and plump animal-shaped biscuits, baked with a layer of milk chocolate on them. The chocolate and cookie dough make a perfect match, and they bring the milkiness to the forefront. Their faint saltiness is the winning factor.'
Thoughts: Mmmm... yum! This was delicious! Perfect amount of chocolate coat, on a semi-sweet biscuit! Also, the perfect bite size. Loved it.

Sumikko Gurashi Seal Gamu
'Gum which comes with a prize card and sticker designed after the popular "Sumikko Gurashi" characters. The back of the cards is empty, so you can write a message. It's up to you how to use them!'
Thoughts: This was super super KAWAII (cute)!! I loved this one the most because of its cuteness! It's a surprise pack, which includes: a small piece of gum, a hard card and stickers.

Kureyon ShincyanKara - Ramune
'Ramune sweets from the super popular anime character "Crayon Shin-chan". If you press on the box, Shin-chan suddenly shows you his bottom just like in the anime.'
Thoughts: This was so adorable! I love the unique and surprising packaging design! However, the hard candy didn't have much flavouring.

'Bite-sized Dagashi gummy sweets in the shape of a juice bottle. A refreshingly delicious cider flavour. The plastic tray is divided into 2 compartments, which makes it look even cuter.' 
Thoughts: Tastes similar to 'Trolli: Sour Cola Bottle'! I enjoyed eating this one. Had quite a chew to it which I loved! Simply a cola flavoured gummy.

Unique & Authentic Japanese snacks/candies
- Variety of character snacks (Micky Mouse, Shin-Chan, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc)
- All the candies/snacks were delicious
- Biggest Japanese candy box, I have received
- Arrived really early! Beginning of month!!
- Free shipping
- Lovely customer service

None! How can you go wrong with Japanese candies/snacks?

If you want to try a WIDE VARIETY of Japanese snacks and candies then this is the box for you! To be honest, I was beyond surprise when I received this subscription box! The box was 30x22x16 cm (LxWxH) in size plus, jammed pack with snacks and candies! I enjoyed every single item in this month's box. I love this subscription box and would definitely try it out again. I also recommend that you give it a shot because, I guarantee you would love it as well!

STARS: 5/5

Order your June Box now @BoxFromJapan


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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