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Do you want to try a wide variety of new and exciting Japanese snacks? That's sent straight to your doorstep at an affordable price? Well, look no further because FREEDOM JAPANESE MARKET is the way to go!

Freedom Japanese Market is a family owned and operated online shop, selling Japanese snacks and candies but mainly specializing in Monthly Subscription Boxes! Located in Northern Kanto (1hour from Tokyo).

How does it works?
  1. Create a Subscription: The process takes about 10 minutes and you can cancel at any time!
  2. The Experts Pack Your Box: They ship the boxes straight from Japan to your front door!
  3. Enjoy Real Japanese Treats: The boxes contain many limited edition snacks that are often only sold in Japan!
Subscription Pack Choices:
  • Puchi Pack: A mini version of our original subscription box. This smaller taste of Japan includes 5 to 8 Japanese snacks for only $12.99 a month. Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Original Subscription Pack: Each box contains 12 to 16 full size and sample snacks, shipped directly from Japan for only $24.99 a month. Free Shipping Worldwide! (Most Popular)
  • Family Pack: Double the snacks of our regular box so you can share with your family, office, or snack group. The $45.99 price includes Free International Shipping!

  • All the orders go through Paypal for 100% security.
  • All snacks included in the service are authentic and made in Japan.
  • Every box comes with an English content list and handmade origami!
  • Many of the snacks included are limited edition versions only sold in Japan.
  • Absolutely no renewal, handling, or service charges.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time, without fees or penalties.

I tried the Original Subscription Pack: March edition! Keep reading for my review! xx

FREEDOM JAPANESE MARKET: Original Subscription Pack (MARCH)
Pack size: Original (Puchi & Family also available) 

Package Contents:
- Content List (Name/Description)
- Origami
- 17 Snacks/Candies 



Origami of the Month
'March is graduation month in Japan and what better way to represent the graduating class than with a fancy kimono (in origami form!) This design also features plum blossoms, which are currently in season.
Thoughts: This is such a lovely gift! Handmade all the way from Japan!

Takenoko no Sato
'Tiny bamboo shoot biscuits coated in matcha milk chocolate - a spring exclusive!'
Thoughts: OH EM GEE! This was probably my favourite snack in this month's box! The green tea coating was so soft, milky and delicious! To be honest, I have never been a fan of green tea snacks because they always had this weird after taste but this biscuit is indeed a life changer! 

Life Guard Candy
'Squeeze this thick candy paste onto chopsticks or a spoon and lick like a lollipop!'
Thoughts: Jelly like texture and the taste is hard to explain! Kind of like an energy drink here in Australia but in a jelly form. Comes in 3 small satchels. The instruction states that it should be squeezed onto a chopstick or spoon and licked like a lollipop but I just ate it from the satchel. The flavouring is unique and sweet! 

Smartphone Candies
''Fruit shaped candy in a colourful wrapper resembling a smartphone screen'
Thoughts: Chewy texture with a unique sweet taste. Hard to explain the taste but it's somewhat in-between a mix of sugar with fruit flavouring (Apple, Strawberry & Pineapple). Pink one is my favourite out of the 3. I really enjoyed this one! 

Rice Cracker (Yakimiku)
'Enjoy grilled beef flavoured rice crackers with the cast from the popular anime series, Crayon Shin-Chan.' 
Thoughts: This was so yummy! It had a more smoky taste rather than a beef taste. 'Crunch Crunch Crunch' is all you can hear coming from my room because I couldn't stop eating it!! >=)

Whistle Ramune Candy 
'Delicious ramune flavoured candy that also doubles as a fun toy! Just blow through the hole to whistle.'
Thoughts:  The whistle sounds more like a squeaking but the taste of this candy is so good! It tastes just like ramune, Japanese soda! 

'Puffed corn tubes coated with flavoured powder. Orange: Salami & Yellow: Yakitori Chicken'
Thoughts: I had Umaibo before and they are for sale around Australia but I had never seen or taste these 2 flavours before! 
The Umaibo with the illustration of a dog on a scooter is the Salami one and tastes exactly like Australia's Salami!!! It was delicious! 
The Yakitori Chicken Umaibo tasted more like burnt smoky seasoning! I wasn't a fan this snack! 

Umaibo candy
'A variety of delicious flavoured candy from the maker of Umaibo'
Thoughts: Both hard candy. Milky coffee flavour and Sweet Milky strawberry flavour. Between the 2, the strawberry one is the best. 

Tako-yaki Senbei
'Pour the included sauce on these rice crackers for a little taste of Japan.'
Thoughts: Crunchy, Tasty, Takoyaki flavoured rice cracker. I love Takoyaki and this snack tastes exactly like it! If you love Takoyaki as well and want an alternative on-the-run option, this is it!

Puku-Puku Tai
'Backed by popular request! Fish shaped wafers filled with strawberry chocolate.'
Thoughts: Adorable fish shaped pink biscuit filled with strawberry flavoured chocolate! The filling was really soft like a mousse consistency! It was seriously too cute to eat!! YUM!

Punch Cola
'Drop 1 tablet into 180 cc of water to create your own tasty drink!'
Thoughts: This was possibly, by far the worst drink I have ever had! It smelt really YUM but took a while to dissolve, however that wasn't the worst part!! The worst part was tasting it =[!! 

Buta-Men Curry Ramen
'A mini cup of instant ramen! Simply add boiling water (Do not microwave)'
Thoughts: This curry flavoured noodle smelt and tasted sooo good! I wish they sold this in Australia because I would eat it every day!!!

Kirby Gum
'Mini pieces of gum covered in adorable Kirby illustrations- perfect for any Kirby fan!'
Thoughts: Peach flavour bubble gum! Delicious to chew on. 

Kurabete Neru-Neru
'A brand new addition to the DIY Neru-Neru candy line! Pinapple and Melon flavoured.'
Thoughts: New 30th Anniversary NeruNeru! The pineapple side had a soft and creamy texture with a sweet pineapple taste, while the melon side had a stretchy and stringy texture with a sour melon taste. Fun to mix with water and add all the different packets! 

Chocolate Pen
'Not only can you use this pen to write with, but it's also filled with chocolate!'
Thoughts: Red marker, filled with little chocolate balls. Tastes like chocolate drops and also a unique and fun way to store chocolate! ^-^

- Delicious Japanese snacks and candies
- All products are shipped fresh from Japan
- Each box contains a handmade, seasonal origami.
- An itemized list with pictures are included in each box, so you don't have to read Japanese. 
- About a pound (1/2 kg) of candy and snacks are packed into each box. 
- PayPal payment system/100% safe
- Cancel any time without a fee

The Punch Cola drink was a big no-no! 

I am absolutely in love with this box, simply from the excitement of receiving the box to eating every single snack! It was a lot of fun and I recommend you to give it a try! If you're a Japanese snack lover like me, go straight for the Original Size but if you're new to Japanese snacks and want to take it slow, go for the Puchi Pack! xx

STARS: 5/5

Add 'OhiamihtBlog' in order notes to receive a bonus candy in your first box!


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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      You can sign up here:

      Remember to use the code 'OHIAMIHTBLOG' in the notes for a free candy! xx

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