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Do you suffer from dry patches or dry skin during winter or just in general? And hate constantly putting Moisturising lotion/cream on your face? Well... what if I told you, that there is a product that you apply before going to bed and wake up the next morning with moisturised and soft skin! The best part is: using this every night and you can wake up with a dry skin free face every morning! *Drum rolls* KICHO: Camelia Sleeping Pack is the way to go!

What is 'KICHO'?
KICHO's logo was born as a unique simple geometrical infography from the meaning to gift the unlimited possibility starting from the basics of beauty to your skin by bringing nature to the skin. The paramount principle of Kicho is the solution for your skin. Based on cosmetic expertise accumulated over more than 50 years, Kicho has been, is and will continue researching the types and layers of the human skin. Kicho optimises natural properties of the skin and seeks out the safest and most beneficial substances to human skin around the world. Kicho consider consumers basic needs and listen to their opinion.

I will be reviewing the 'Camelia Sleeping Pack' by KICHO!

Camelia Sleeping Pack

Overnight Mask with Lanolin & Rose Water. Dermatological tested. For all skin types.

Brand: KICHO
Type: Moisturiser
Use: Moisturises, soothes & protects skin from toxic substances
Weight: 100ml
Origin: Korea

Main Ingredients:
Camellia Oil, Rose Water, Fermented Black Ginseng and Lanolin.

Applying it with the brush enables deeper penetration of pores, producing more effective results.
If a brush is not available: Apply it to form a thin layer on the skin using your hand.

- If applied before going to bed, the result would be visible the next morning.
- Its creamy texture contains more nutrients compared to other types of sleeping pack.

- Easy to apply and use
- Full English ingredient list
- Lovely floral box and packaging
- Soft & Smooth Gold Brush
- The box can be reused to store other stuff
- 2 way to apply. Either by hand or using the brush
- Smooth and easy spread texture


This product is very easy to use and only needs to be applied once before going to bed. I've been applying moisturiser every morning for the past year because of the dry patches on my face, but absolutely hate waiting for it to dry so I can apply my makeup. However, with this amazing product, I can wake up, wash up and literally apply my makeup because I don't need to worry about my dry skin, as they have all cleared up from Kicho: Camelia Sleeping Pack that I applied the night before. 

STARS: 5/5

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  1. Not to keen on sleeping masks, but this one sounds so good! Love that you apply it with a brush! Xx

  2. Wonderful post, love it! :)
    Maybe follow for follow? :)

  3. This sounds like such a good product :)

    Velvet Blush

  4. I do not suffer from dry patches but this product seems great for adding much need hydration to the skin. Plus I like anything with rose water in it.

  5. I have pretty oily skin but in the winter I do find I have dryness around my chin. The packaging of this is super cute too!

    Stacey +

  6. Sounds like a good product. Packaging is so cute x