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Today, I am going to post 2 blog posts for you all to enjoy, since I haven't really posted much lately. Both the posts are reviews on Maxclinic products. They were definitely both fun to try out and review. Keep reading for details about the company or skip half way to go straight to the review. x

What is N&B LAB (Maxclinic)?
* After researching, I found out that Maxclinic was developed by N&B Lab. 

N&B Lab is a naturalistic cosmeceutical specialist that seeks to create sustainable beauty products that everyone dreams of. Based on the use of honest ingredients from nature and the most advanced formula. They are fulfilling their social responsibilities through continuous communication with their customers, careful selections, development of only the best essential products and an honest & reasonable business management.

Why you'll love N&B LAB:
  • Naturalism oriented
  • Honest raw materials
  • The most advanced formulations
  • Communication with customers
  • Constant improvements
  • Develop new innovation that never existed before
I'll be reviewing the 'Cirmage Lifting Stick' by 'Maxclinic'. 

Cirmage Lifting Stick

Lifting massage, penetration treatment, anti-aging cream effects, all at one time! Lifted skin confidence with Cirmage Lifting Stick!

Brand: Maxclinic
Type: Lifting Stick
Use: Concentrated care for sagging, loose skin and a clear complexion!
Weight: 23ml
Origin: Korea

Main ingredients:
17 Peptides (Pepita-rich), 4 Collagen activated vitamins, Niacinamide adenosine & 15 Patented Properties.


Using side B(or C) lift from the bottom of your neck to the chin 2~3 times and press the back of your ears.
Using side B(or C) lift the fatty part of your chin to your ears 1~2 times
Using side B(or C) lift the facial skin from the chin to your temples 1~2 times
Using side B(or C) lift from the corner of your lips to the temples 1~2 times
Using side B(or C) lift from the side of your nose to the temples 1~2 times
Using a corner of side A to massage your eyebrows from the inner corners, outwards, 1~2 times.
Using side B(or C) firm up the baggy area under your eyes from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner, 1~2 times.
Use side A to lift up the skin on your forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline.
Using side A glide along your hairline, starting from the center, down to temples and gently press your temples for as the last step of your massage.

Types of Care:
Elasticity: Contains collagen and peptide to give you shining, elastic skin.
Lifting: Helps improve skin circulation just like a meridian massage!
Massage: Reduces skin swelling with gentle acupuncture each time it's rubbed on.
Nutrients: Rich in high-nutrient oils for moisturizing and nutrient care.
Whitening: Vitamin ingredients cultivate clear, bright skin. 

Best for:
People worried about facial asymmetry
People who can't afford expensive beauty tools
People with dry, flaky skin from lack of nutrients
People who need whitening/elasticity care for dark skin
People whose makeup flakes because of rough skin
People who want a simple spa meridian massage

7 bottles of Cirmage Lifting Cream in just one stick! 

Clinically Tested:
Hairline elasticity, Eye are lifting, Face lifting, Below chin (double chin) Skin tightening, Improve skin curve, Improves skin circulation, Anti-aging, Reduces skin swelling, Eyelid elasticity, Tightens sagging cheeks, Lip area lifting, Neck elasticity/wrinkles.

- Lovely gold packaging
- Stylish, Unique & Luxury appearance
- Nice grip, no slip
- Easy to use
- Fast absorbing
- Soft & Smooth after feel

- Oil smell (after applied)
- Starts of a bit sticky on skin


The product quickly disappears as it comes in contact with the skin. Starts off feeling sticky when touched but after a few seconds, the skin changes to a smooth and soft feel. I tried this product for a few days and the results I saw were: Tightening of loose skin, Soft & Smooth feeling and a decrease of inflammation/plumpness of the face. The product was quite hard but after applying it to the skin, it started to become softer and easier to guide around the face. A unique product to try out and a quick fix for bloated face, lose skin and/or rough skin.

STARS: 4.5/5

Thank you to 'BNTNEWS' for this product.
Remember to check them out for the latest Korean news & trends.
Previous reviews: BntNews/BntGirls


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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