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My holiday went by so fast! Do you remember just reading my post about my holiday starting and how I was going to be updating a lot more? Well... that didn't really happen and my holiday ends tomorrow!!! How can a 2-week holiday feel like 2 days? With my busy schedule and University about to start again, I needed to find a quick and easy way to purify my skin daily without spending a fortune on a variety of products. Which lead my search to MAXCLINIC: Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam! Let me tell you, this product is my new Holy Grail, it works like a charm!

What is N&B LAB (Maxclinic)?
* After researching, I found out that Maxclinic was developed by N&B Lab. 

N&B Lab is a naturalistic cosmeceutical specialist that seeks to create sustainable beauty products that everyone dreams of. Based on the use of honest ingredients from nature and the most advanced formula. They are fulfilling their social responsibilities through continuous communication with their customers, careful selections, development of only the best essential products and an honest & reasonable business management.

Why you'll love N&B LAB:
  • Naturalism oriented
  • Honest raw materials
  • The most advanced formulations
  • Communication with customers
  • Constant improvements
  • Develop new innovation that never existed before

Oil Foam Cleanser:
Purifying Vitamin

Vegetable oil provides an oil massage effect on dry and coarse skin, while naturally-derived foam removes makeup residues and wastes. 

It also has a moisturizing effect to help maintain a healthy moisture level.

Brand: Maxclinic
Type: Vitamin Oil Foam
Also available: Finger Lime Vitamin, Refining Truffle Reversal, Royal Caviar, Rose Vitamin, Caviar, Vitamin, Night Flash Massage, Serum Spa
Use: Pore care & Brightening Care
Weight: 110g
Origin: Korea

Pore Care & Brightening Care:
Dead Skin Cell Care: Contains 'French Clay' to remove dead skin cells and clean pores full of blackheads while controlling sebum.
Supplement: Natural, refreshing oil gently moisturizes the skin.
Bright: This cleanser with vitamin ingredients that brightens dark skin.
Skin that Shines: 5 capsules containing vitamins and clay that gives you elastic & shining skin.
Cleansing Power: Fine natural bubbles help cleanly remove waste and makeup residues.

5 in 1 product:
Cleansing Tissue + Cleansing Cream + Cleansing Oil + Cleansing Foam + Whitening Cream
= Oil Foam Cleanser

Main Ingredients:
 Refreshing Natural Oil: Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Orange Blossom Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil & Damask Rose Oil.
Super Vitamin Oil Complex for Powerful Brightening: Kakadu Plum Oil, Sea Buckthorn & Camu Camu Extract.
Special Ingredients for Pores: French Clay

Free of 8 Harmful Additives:
Sulfate Surfactants, 6 Types of Paraben, Benzophenone-3, Benzalkonium Chloride, Mineral Oil, Artificial Scents, Tar Color & Benzyl Benzoate.

Clinical Tests:
Brightening: Triple Complexion Effects ( More Sparkle, Skin Translucency & More Brightness)

Pore Care: 8 Types of Pore Care Effects (Deep Pore Improvements, Better elasticity around pores, Reduced pore size, Better number of pores, Fewer blackheads, Fewer whiteheads, Better pore cleansing & Better pore number)

Skin Care: (Fewer dead skin cells, Anti-dust, More moisture, Facelift & Less sebum)

How to Use:
Massage your face with the oil cleanser. Use the back of the brush (V-pad) to massage your face thoroughly. Wet the brush and roll-massage your face. Rinse with lukewarm water.

How to Store Your Brush:

Rinse the brush with clean water after use. Squeeze it with your hand to drain out the water and make some spaces between the bristles to help it dry. Store it in a dry and windy place, standing up.

- Beautiful Blue Colour
- Unique bottle
- Easy to use and clean
- Light smell (Baking Powder-ish)
- Thin, liquid consistency
- Pump works well and breaks down the beads thoroughly


To start off, I would like to state how beautiful the colour of this oil foam is! It was 'Love at First Sight'! The vibrant blue colour is outstanding. The oil-foam cleanser is supposed to be an oil base but as you blend the product turns into foam. As shown in the photos above, the oil base was more of a liquid consistency (Non-greasy) and when blended with the brush, the foam did appear but disappeared soon after. After using this product, my face felt squeaky clean and a lot clearer. I recommend this product for everyone because it definitely works wonders. I only needed 2 (two), yes 2 pumps for a thin even layer over my face.

STARS: 5/5

Thank you to 'BNTNEWS' for this product.
Remember to check them out for the latest Korean news & trends.

Previous reviews: BntNews/BntGirls


Everything written is my own honest opinion based on my own personal experience!

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